Elephant Artists

Elephant Artists




Elephant Artist

Elephant Artists

Elephant Artists: Orachai

Location: Thailand

Location was widely regarded as the best elephant artist in Asia and probably the world until recently. Orachai no longer paints and is used for mating only

Elephant Artist See Noon

Elephant Artist See Noun


Elephant Artist: See Noun

Location: Thailand

See Noun was born in the wild with Burmese hill tribes, however she was trained at Mae Taeng Elephant Camp in Chiang Mai. She is one of the finest elephant artists, who currently paints



Elephant ArtistElephant Artist: Ruby

Location: America

Bio: Ruby is probably the most famous elephant artist. She stayed in Arizona and was widely regarded as the greatest elephant artist ever until her death a few years ago at the age of 50.

Elephant Artist: Suda
Location: Thailand

Suda is regarded as the most famous elephant artist in existence today. Since Orachai’s departure from the elephant art scene, she has taken over the mantel.

Elephant artists are extremely talented creatures that have worked exceptionally hard and trained as well as having some natural ability.

If you want to visit these wonderful artist 3 of them are located in Northern Thailand at either Mae Taeng Elephant Camp of the Lampang Elephant Conservation Center.

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